10. The ratio of Florida to North Carolina tags begins to increase.
9.  There are men and women in hiking gear coming out of the woods from every direction.
8.  You stare at the budding foliage and flowers and think “I know I’ve see this somewhere before”.
7.  There are more calves in the fields than grown cattle.
6.  You pass a tractor crossing sign and there’s actually a tractor crossing.
5.  You stand in front of Bald Head Realty and hear the baby chicks chirping from across the street at Seay’s Feed Store.
4.  The sign on Tallent’s Produce says “Open”.
3.  The stores downtown are staying open past 4 p.m.
2.  All anyone is interested in talking about is their garden.
And the number one sign it might be Spring in Franklin…
1.  There are great new property listings from Bald Head Realty every day!