I spend hours and hours every week driving buyers over the numerous winding roads in Franklin NC.  It surprises my clients how many roads there are in our "little" town!  Some are private roads named after their owners, or roads that the owners have had a say in naming.  They have come up with some "doozies"!  I've created a little "road game" to find the funny road names that are scattered throughout Macon County.  Here is part one - these are all roads off a short stretch of Lake Emory Road on the east side of the town...

Doggone Circle

Doggone Circle Franklin NC

Nut House Drive

Nut House Drive Franklin NC

Over Drive

Over Drive Franklin NC

Memory Lane

Memory Lane Franklin NC

4 Wheel Drive

4 Four Wheel Drive Franklin NC

Aren't these GREAT street names?  I love it!  I'll be posting names from other areas of Franklin and Otto soon... if you have any favorites just email them to me at info@kellypenland.com and I'll make sure to include them!

In the meantime, search for homes in the Lake Emory area of Franklin HERE!